Salma Siddiqui is senior advisor to the Forum of Federations in the areas of Immigration and integration; Member of Women’s Projects for MENA (Middle East and North Africa); past president of Muslim Canadian Congress; recipient of YWCA’s Women of Distinction Award; Member of RCMP and CSIS Community Outreach Advisory Committee and Vice President of Circle of Canadians.

Raheel Raza is Distinguished Senior Fellow with The Gatestone Institute, sits on the Advisory Board of The Mosaic Institute and The ACTV Foundation (The Alliance of Canadian Terror Victims). Raheel is accredited with IHEU to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva where she attend sessions three times as year and has recently participated in a documentary about honour killings and forced marriage titled Honor Diaries.

Hasan Mahmud is an expert in sharia; member Advisory Board World Muslim Congress; Researcher Deen Research Center; Advisor, United Women Force, Bangladesh; author and documentary producer  about how sharia law is incompatible with human rights;

In a historic move, Hasan Mahmud is instrumental in helping the first village in Bangladesh become radical free, a move that has been documented and is available on film.  

Haleema Saadia works tirelessly to create awareness about the existence of anti-Semitisms on University campus and within certain religious institutions. Her organization has conducted seminars and taken up this challenge at Canadian Universities

Salim Mansur is a published author and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Science at Western University in London, Ontario; on the Board of Directors of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, Center for Islamic Pluralism, Canadians Against Suicide Bombing, and an academic consultant with the Center for Security Policy and an expert on politics in the Islamic world