Member Organizations

Canadian Thinkers’ Forum, Burlington – Director, Tahir Gora

Canadian Thinkers’ Forum aims to address the challenges of Muslim Segregation & Radicalization. It’s working on two major study reports: 1) Growing Islamic Radicalization in Canada 2) Growing Anti-Semitism in religious and educational institutions.

Forum for Learning – Director, Sohail Raza

Forum for Learning is a platform for youth to address their issues. FFL invites speakers from across the globe and arranges panels and workshops.

Islamic Council for Interfaith Harmony – Director: Allama Inayat Ali Shakir

Allama Shakir is a religious scholar who leads this organization to promote interfaith harmony and works against persecution of minorities in Islamic countries.

Muslim Committee Against Anti-Semitism, Hamilton – Director, Haleema Saadia

Muslim Committee Against Anti-Semitism is determined to curb Anti-Semitism in Islamic Centres of Canada and educational institutions with the help of secular progressive Muslims and Non-Muslim organizations.

Progressive Muslims Institute Canada, Mississauga – Director: Asma Mahmood

Progressive Muslims Institute Canada (PMIC) strongly denounces all forms of extremism and terrorism in the name of Islam. The group advocates and promotes gender equality, liberal, progressive and secular values among Muslims, clear separation between religion and state.

Project Ijtihad Canada – Director: Irshad Manji

Project Ijtihad is a charitable initiative to promote the spirit of Ijtihad, Islam’s own tradition of critical thinking, debate and dissent. We support a positive vision of Islam that embraces diversity of choices, expression and spirituality.

The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, Toronto – Director, Raheel Raza

The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow actively participates in national and international meetings to represent the views of Muslims who believe that Islam is open to reform and to new ideas of advancement of human knowledge and who oppose extremism in all forms.

Western Canadian Muslims for democracy, Vancouver – Director: Mohsin Abbas

This organization represents Canadian Muslims for Democracy and gender equality and has produced a documentary on Malala Yousafzai entitled, A Girl from Paradise.